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Hello People

Post by DFA_Maverick on Sat Mar 08, 2008 9:33 pm

Hello my real life name is Joe or Joey if u prefer, Im 14 going on 15 i usually just sit at home playing call of duty 4 all day but i tend to hangout with my friends at time to time and im a real call of duty 4 addict expecially to the 82ndID's Zombie Mod i love it i think i was the first to hit Commander - Rank.. but yeah ill just stick with that and dont be afraid to post things about yourself here because this is the introduce yourself column in forums duhhh anyways ill be ur leader, yes your commanding officer so drop down and give me 20, no im JK lmao but yeah i might buy DFA a server in june if i rack up enough cash so yeah poost in the forums people... lata

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